Martin's First Healing:

The first time I met Martin I did a true Shamanic healing and deep tissue massage on him. He had broken his collar bone in a car accident about 5 years ago and came to see me in an attempt to alleviate his constant body pain. The day of his healing the rain was tumultuous. After his healing was over and I thought he had left, I heard a knock on the door. Martin had gotten out of his truck in the pouring rain. He had tears in his eyes when he told me, "My body is completely pain free. You took away all of my pain. I haven't been pain free in over five years. Thank you so much."

"My body has completely morphed to your commands! A shaman in Philly! Who would have thought? Thank you M... Pain Free is your middle name!"

                                                               - J.M.

"I can honestly say that you are a miracle for me and my husband. You are special and you have saved my marriage and my LIFE with your healings! You are a true blessing for us. TRULY AND HONESTLY! You have been so kind and generous, always there when I needed you. Thank you, I Love you very much!"                    

                                                              - B.A.

What is Shamanic Healing?

The ancient art of Shamanic Healing seeks to address a person’s concerns on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. During a healing, the invisible world of energy that surrounds and informs you is worked with directly. As the fabric of the energy field that surrounds you is repaired, access to parts of your energy field that may have been lost through the experience of physical or emotional trauma is restored. Benefits of a true Shamanic Healing include the erasing of imprints of disease from the luminous energy field, the ability to leave behind limiting beliefs and behaviors, an expanded sense of wholeness and well-being, and a stronger connection to spiritual source and to the soul’s purpose. 

Morgana, I just feel so good. I haven't felt so good in such a long time that I want to stay this way. Thanks for bringing me back to the present. I mean, little things like, I can take a full breath now. During Yoga my tight spots aren't so tight. My range of motion is better and my body is pain free. Thank you!


I did the movements you taught me to do for my shoulder and neck, and the knot behind my shoulder blade went away finally! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Hey Morgana, I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING I feel! Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart. I'm healing internally and emotionally. I freaking LOVE this detox and the enzymes you have me on. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me and heal me, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. The healing session was truly a therapeutic and transformative experience for me. I walked away giddy, feeling like a blank slate again. And most importantly, I walked away knowing my life's purpose. What more can I ask for? Thank you so much.


Hi Morgana, things are going very well! I think I'm making incredible progress with learning to let go and living in the now. Thank you so much for your support and guidance!

                                                           - P.B.